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our formula

developed by
top dentists to repair
your teeth on the go


Green tea extract protects
collagen, which is an essential
part of your teeth. Scientist have
discovered that a component of
green tea called epigallocatechin
gallate (eGCG) protects your teeth
by inhibiting the enzymes that
break down collagen. extract
also has antimicrobial properties
which help to combat bad breath.
For Dr. Heff's mints, we use a
green tea extract that contains no
caffeine, so everyone can enjoy
its health benefits.


Xylitol is a natural sweetener found
in fruits and vegetables. Your teeth
rely on essential minerals and when
they lose them, it can be the first
sign of decay. Luckily, in the early
stages of decay, these minerals can
be replaced and the tooth repaired
in a process called 'reminderalisation'.
Our mints use xylitol instead of
sugar to help remineralise your
teeth. Xylitol also neutralises plaque
acids, making it harder for harmful
bacteria to stick to your teeth.



Calcium and phosphate are
important parts of the building
blocks from which your teeth and
bones are built. As the surface of
your teeth is attacked by bacteria,
the calcium and phosphate
building blocks are stripped away.
That's why we include formula.
It helps to repair teeth that have
been damaged by tooth decay
through the amazing process
called remineralisation.