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WR.UP® Denim - High Waisted - Full Length - Grey + Yellow Stitching

WR.UP® Denim - High Waisted - Full Length - Grey + Yellow Stitching

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Freddy is your booty’s best friend. WR.UP means the comfiest, most flattering pants you’ll own. Made from 80% jersey cotton and 20% elastane and made for happy hour, movie nights and shopping sprees.


WR.UP® Denim Shaping Effect

Nothing fits better than a denim pair of Freddy’s! Find out why everyone's so addicted to our pants by experiencing the comfort and boost in confidence for yourself!

Our Grey Denim is layer dyed to achieve an intricate texture. The high zip waist band feels soft around your hips while the two way stretch elastane allows you to move comfortably. Grey Denim High Waist is a neutral base for your sneakers and tee or heels and blazer for a night out.

For: Nights out, lunches, your best-friends birthday + anything else you can think of!

Product Details

  • True to size
  • High Waisted
  • Full Length
  • Grey with Yellow stitching
  • Real zips
  • Pocket details
  • Material 80% Jersey Cotton and 20% Elastane

That Freddy Feeling

  • They won’t stretch out of shape like the other jeans in your life, so choose the right size for your perfect fit.
  • Our cotton jersey will smooth, the considered stitching will shape, and our strategically placed ultralight silicone will give your booty a boost whether you need it or just want it.


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