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WR.UP® Diwo® Pro Sport - High Waisted - 7/8 Length - Black

WR.UP® Diwo® Pro Sport - High Waisted - 7/8 Length - Black

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WR.UP® Diwo Pro Sport (Limited Edition)

Truly your booty’s best friend, hugging you in all the right places to accentuate your curves. Warning: wearing Freddy’s means turning heads, and getting showered in compliments - are you ready?!

Our sport 7/8 length style is the perfect workout companion, holding you in all the right places to support you whilst you get active.

Made from 59% Polyamide 41% Elastane and made for comfort whilst you squat, jog or lift weights. 


For: Long walks, short sprints, yoga, dumbbells. 

Product Details

  • True to size fit
  • High waist
  • 7/8 ankle length
  • Black
  • Material 59% Polyamide 41% Elastane


That DIWO Pro Freddy Feeling

  • EMANA® Fiber is a Rhodia Polyamide 6.6 based yarn with bioactive minerals that reduces the appearance of cellulite and increases skin firmness & smoothness. It provides optimum comfort, breathability and flexibility so you can go from day-to-night confidently.
  • Silver ions keep your pants odour free and fresh, so you can keep cool even on the hottest of dates.
  • A unique combination of stitching, Italian design, and ultra-thin silicone to boost your assets and highlight your butt, waist, and curves.
  • Seams that lift, fabric that smooths, and silicone bands that shape, we’re your new best companion.


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