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WR.UP® Curvy Denim - High Waisted - Full Length - Dark Blue + Blue Stitching

WR.UP® Curvy Denim - High Waisted - Full Length - Dark Blue + Blue Stitching

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Freddy WR.UP® Curvy pants are sized differently. Please check our size guide. Featuring the same bi-elastic high stretch fabric from our core range, they are designed to sculpt and smooth your curves with amazing bounce back so your Freddy pants stay in perfect shape.

WR.UP Curvy is designed with a higher waist making it more comfortable around the hips and waist for curves. Our favourite silicone tapered waistband means these pants are gap proof at the back and they'll follow your curves and contour your waistline.

Made from 80% jersey cotton and 20% elastane and made to be taken along for all of life's journeys. 

WR.UP® Curvy Fit Denim Shaping Effect

The most comfortable and form-fitting pants you’ll ever wear without compromising on style.

  • True to size
  • High Waisted
  • Full Length
  • Colour Dark Blue with Blue Stitching
  • Real buttons and zips
  • Belt loops
  • Pocket details
  • Silicone waistband
  • Material 80% Jersey Cotton and 20% Elastane


That Freddy Feeling

  • Getting the perfect fit and size means your Freddy pants won’t stretch out of shape like the other pants in your life.
  • Our bi-elastic high stretch cotton jersey fabric will smooth, the considered stitching will shape, and our strategically placed ultralight silicone will hold your booty providing a little boost.
  • The silicone waistband is designed to move with your natural curves and not dig in, whilst keeping your pants in place.

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