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WR.UP® Denim - High Waisted - 7/8 Length - Light Blue + Yellow Stitching

WR.UP® Denim - High Waisted - 7/8 Length - Light Blue + Yellow Stitching

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Freddy is your booty’s best friend. WR.UP means the comfiest, most flattering pants you’ll own. Made from 80% jersey cotton and 20% elastane and made for happy hour, movie nights and shopping sprees.


WR.UP® Denim Shaping Effect

High waisted skinny jeans with a 7/8 length leg. Our blue denim goes through a multi-dye process to achieve the dimensional texture. Add some yellow seams and you have a classic contrast to give you that extra 'pop'.

For: Nights out, lunches, your best-friends birthday + anything else you can think of!

Product Details

  • True in size and fit
  • High Waisted
  • 7/8 Length
  • Light Blue with Yellow stitching
  • Real zip- tone on tone colour
  • Pocket details
  • Material 80% Jersey Cotton and 20% Elastane

That Freddy Feeling

  • They won’t stretch out of shape like the other jeans in your life, so choose the right size for your perfect fit.
  • Our cotton jersey will smooth, the considered stitching will shape, and our strategically placed ultralight silicone will give your booty a boost whether you need it or just want it.


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